Jul 17, 2017

Lego Logo Evolution

Just about every generation remembers playing with leo when they were a kid – and who knows, maybe some still do. With such a long standing […]
Jul 18, 2017

Harley Quinn’s 25th Anniversary Photo

The unpredictable character recently got a new logo for the 25th anniversary special and they really managed to capture the essence of the comic book character’s […]
Jul 18, 2017

Similar Logo Clashes – MLB versus ‘Overwatch’ Esports League

All companies are protective over their logos and currently, Major league Baseball is butting heads with Overwatch League because of their logo. Blizzard Entertainment, just after submission […]
Jul 19, 2017

Upcoming IKEA And Hay Unveiling Collection Collaboration

Set to be launched in October 2017, Swedish company, Ikea and Danish design company Hay have been in collaboration on a combined collection for about a […]
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