Jul 31, 2017

A Neon Ad From Absolut Enlightens Us On LGBT Discrimination

The past couple of years have seen many strides in the LGBTQ community – such as same-sex marriages in many countries as well as a lot […]
Aug 1, 2017

IBM’s New iX Logo

To showcase the company’s trend of experimental typography, IBM iX’s new geometric logo has been revealed. Designed with design studio, CATK and creative company, Moving Brands, […]
Aug 1, 2017

How PANTONE Makes New Colors That Constantly Capture People’s Interest

The authoritative figure of colour, Pantone is the company responsible for wonderfully coloured homes and colour palate is loved and used by many marketers. Even their […]
Aug 1, 2017

Three Important Design Trends That Will Make Your Page Stand Out

If you’re thinking of a fresh start website or just some subtle improvements, Webdesigner Depot has put together a couple of examples that’s taking the design […]
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