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The year is 2018, and your traditional marketing efforts are failing to reach new customers in a world oversaturated with uninspired advertising that rarely translates into new business.

Sounds about right? Well it doesn’t have to be that way…
Video has a much higher response rate, nothing can compare! So we have introduced an effective new video production service that makes it affordable for our clients to jump into video.

People are watching videos – Over 4 billion videos are uploaded to YouTube every day, and research has shown that almost one third of shoppers will purchase a product or service after watching a video.

People like to share videos online – and they tend to watch a lot of them on their phones, making video content perfect for sharing product or service info to mobile crazy South Africans, who adore sharing on social media platforms like Facebook and messenger apps like WhatsApp.

Videos tell stories better than any other format – and can be used to educate and sell your product or service at the same time, not to mention boosting brand recognition.

We offer excellent rates on professionally produced video ads that will make you tower over the competition!
Take a look at our recent examples.